Launching Ceremony of Chi Doan, Chi Hoi Phu My Holdings


On the afternoon of November 6, the Executive Board of the Phuoc Trung Ward in coordination with the Board of Directors of Phu My Holdings held the launch ceremony of Chi Doan, Chi Hoi Phu My Holdings at the Ward Committee of Phuoc Trung.

Attending the launch ceremony, there were representatives of the Ward Board, the Board of Directors of Phu My Holdings, the Secretary of the Ward Youth Union and members of the branch of Phu My Holdings.

At the ceremony, the representative of the Youth Union of Phuoc Trung ward announced and awarded the decision to establish Chi Doan, Phu My Holdings Company Chi Union and appointed the interim Union Executive Committee including 2 comrades. The establishment of the Union has created conditions for young forces in the company to participate in the Union organization. Thereby, each union member and youth in the Company are encouraged to strive to practice, strive to emulate labor, produce, complete well the assigned tasks, contribute to the overall development of the Company. Organizing the Youth Union more and more strong.

It can be said that the establishment of Union - Association in enterprises is necessary, implementing the policy of the province and the city and meeting the legitimate aspirations of young people to strengthen the union. youth gatherings in businesses. At the same time, to take care of life, protect legitimate rights and interests, propagate and disseminate legal education, promote the impulsive role of Youth Union members and youth, and help youth union members. In the enterprise, there is a more useful playground outside working hours, thereby creating a spirit of comfort, increasing productivity and labor efficiency.

Hopefully, in the coming time, Chi Doan Phu My Holdings will soon go into operation, making many positive contributions to the development of the Youth Union and City Youth Union in general; contribute positively to the socio-economic development of the locality.