Honoring excellent staff October


The journey in October has ended is also the time when Phu My Holdings summed up and honored excellent employees who have achieved great achievements in the past 31 days. Who are they?

Congratulations to the typical faces on the golden board honor of Phu My Holdings:

Businesswoman Pham Thi Mai excelled with 4 successful transactions: A5, A6, A8 Phu My Newcity and H10 Hoa Long Park. With her experience and ability to close sales, Ms Mai is still a formidable Best Seller of Phu My Holdings.

Businesswoman Nguyen Thi Thu Hang parallel to the finish line with 4 next transactions: A12, A13, A14 Phu My Newcity and H19 Hoa Long Park. Being sure of all knowledge about products and markets and gaining customers' trust is the factor that helps Ms Hang have been, are and will be more successful.

Business employee Pham Van Tien successfully traded H15 Hoa Long Park in less than half a month to join Phu My Holdings, this is the fruit of the serious and hard work process every day.

Sales executive Tran Quang Tu, with his persistence, efforts in learning, selling phones, looking for customers, has brought me an impressive transaction: A7 Phu My Newcity.

Businesswoman Bui Thi Loi successfully closed the transaction H24 Hoa Long Park in the last days of the month, Ms Loi is always considered a young enthusiastic and potential partner at Phu My Holdings.

Phu My Holdings always recognizes the worthy work results of its associates and sets out clear promotion routes.

Success will come when we work wholeheartedly, November has just started, and wishes Phu My Holdings associates a breakthrough and more successful month of work!